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The Studio of Chad Kouri

The Studio of
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Whitney Biennial Arbitrary Critiques Boxset

An extension of my Art Advice series, Arbitrary Critiques is a collection of verbal reactions to the 2014 Whitney Biennial overheard during its opening weekend. These critiques are arbitrary not only because I don't associate them with specific works or situations in the space, but also because I'm unaware of the critic's relationship with the art that they are critiquing. The culmination of this exercise is an open editioned set of six text-based prints. A special edition box set including the prints as well as a handmade silkscreened slipcover and frame is also available in an edition of five.

Open edition print set available for $50 with free worldwide shipping. Buy now.

Contact me directly for availability of special edition box set.

Produced on the occasion of my No Wrong Answers: Paper Painting & Various Editions solo exhibition. Other editioned works for this exhibition include the No Wrong Answers exhibition catalogModular Necklaces, Phases of a Slinky risograph edition, Art Advice postcard set, and the Jazz Movement Study Risograph print.